There are 2 difrractometers in the laboratory namely:

SCHIMADZU XRD 6000 X-Ray Diffractometer

Features: Qualitative analysis for the identification of crystalline phases in solid probes, at temperatures ranging from 20 to 1500°C, as well as quantitative analysis on powdery probes and the determination of crystallinity (with Lorentz equation); Diffraction domain varying between 2θ = 3 -100°; Minimum scanning speed 0.005°/min.

Panalytical Empyrean X-Ray Diffractometer

Qualitative and quantitative analysis for the identification of crystalline phases in solid probes with the following characteristics and options; fine focus type anode; high resolution goniometer; Angular domain ranges from -111 to 168 degrees. The linearity of the goniometer is 0.01° (2 theta); 2D type detector of 256×256 pixels; SAXS analysis mode; platform in 5 axis for thin films analyzing. Other analysis can be done: qualitative and quantitative Rietveld analysis and cluster type, manipulating the results on the graph, search for peaks, importing and exporting data, fitting and smoothing the diffraction spectra, profile fitting; 2D analysis of Debye circles; Searching, identifying phases, semi quantitative analysis, Refining and searching unit cell and refining of the hole profile. Rietveld Analysis; Texture Analysis, Calculating the orientation distribution function, pole figures, inverse pole figures, automatic calculation of particle dimensions, distribution and specific surface; Analysis of the multimodal dimension distribution. Possibility of creating analytic templates with total control of paces and parameters; Determining the thickness of thin films, density, interface parameters between films, simulating, fitting; Visualizations and the analysis on one or two axis: rocking curve, reciprocal space mapping, reflectivity, pole figures, inverse pole figures.

Obtained results