Morphological and structural characterization of micro-/nanomaterials and structures:
Microstructure and micro-composition determination for conductive or non-conductive
samples deposited on conductive support films, composites, nanomaterials, packaging
Secondary electrons imaging for the composition and Backscattered electrons for the
determination of surface topography.

Nanopowder synthesis using unconventional methods

X-ray diffraction complex characterization: The PANalytical Empyrean is a multi-purpose X-ray diffraction equipment with which we can cover the following applications: Bragg-Brentanno in reflection or transmission geometry with spinning option; Grazing incidence x-ray diffraction; X-ray reflectometry; Pole figure; Small angle x-ray scattering; Phase identification and quantification; Crystallinity determination; Structure determination and refinement and size-strain analysis.